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From Capital- to Community-first Mindset in Impact Investing
September 27, 2022
Despite good intentions by impact investors, capital is still not reaching everyone equally, especially in communities of color. Dig in to learn why we’re shifting from capital-first to community-first investing and explore how this shift can accelerate our collective journey towards justice.
Denver’s Growth Leaves Grocers and Healthy Food Efforts in its Wake
April 18, 2022
We teamed up with Nourish Colorado to explore the impact of Denver's explosive growth & gentrification on neighborhood grocers and identify policy & partnership solutions to help these grocers retool and adapt.
People in Nutrition Incentive Programs Eat More Produce Than the Average Person, and Other Insights From the 2021 HUB Convening 
March 7, 2022
New research shows that people who participate in nutrition incentive programs eat MORE fruits & veggies. Dig in for a recap of these exciting results plus our reflections on this year's Nutrition Incentive Hub annual convening.

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