Double Up Food Bucks offers more health options for low-income families

June 19, 2019

Source: Flintside
Author: Ashley Schafer

FLINT, Michigan — A healthy dollar can go even further in Flint through the Double Up Food Bucks Program — which will host a summer kickoff event on June 22 at various locations throughout Flint.

Giveaways, coupons, and free produce will be available at all Double Up Food Bucks sites from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. as part of an effort to sign up even more users to the unique program designed to make fresh produce more accessible to low-income families.

The program works basically as its name implies: Whenever a participant buys fruits, vegetables or milk using their federal assistance dollars — they earn a dollar for dollar match up to $20 a day that can be spent on additional fresh produce at participating locations.

Anyone with a Bridge Card is eligible.

There are more than 14,000 Double Up participants locally with has helped bring nearly $1.5 million worth of fresh produce into their homes since the program launched in June 2016.

“One of the best ways to support Flint’s children and families for years to come is to ensure good nutrition,” said Kellie Boyd, Double Up Food Bucks director at the Fair Food Network. “In 2016, we expanded the Double Up program in Flint to reach more residents with the healthy foods needed to limit lead absorption stemming from the city’s water crisis. Since then we have seen an extraordinary increase in program use, but there are still so many more families who could be using this program.”

The program operates year round. The summer kickoff events are designed to bring more attention to the program and to sign up more families. Participating sites include:

* Flint Farmers’ Market ­– 300 East First St.
* Great Giant Supermarket – 5204 Saginaw St.
* Hutchinson Food and Drug – 6509 N Saginaw St.
* Landmark Food Center – 206 West Pierson Rd.
* Landmark Food Center – 4644 Fenton Rd.
* Longhorn Meat Market – 3236 Corunna Rd.
* Mr. B’s-Dupont Street – 4311 Dupont St.
* Fresh Choice – 1916 Davison Rd.
* The Local Grocer – 601 Martin Luther King Ave.

For more information, visit Double Up Food Bucks website.

First published in Flintside on June 19, 2019.