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Our Impact

2022 was a transformative time for our organization. Kate Krauss prepared to step in as CEO, we focused on deepening our partnerships with stakeholders in Michigan and beyond, explored new approaches to evaluating our impact, and set the stage for advocacy in the 2023 Farm Bill. All the while, our nutrition incentive and impact investing work continued to grow community health and wealth through food.

Explore our interactive impact report to see what’s possible when we start with food.


Double Up Food Bucks

Double Up Food Bucks

Supporting Local Economies and Access to Healthy, Affordable Food

Our Double Up Food Bucks program, which matches SNAP benefits (formerly known as food stamps) spent on fruits and vegetables, was born in our home state of Michigan. Since 2009, we’ve expanded access to healthy food and sparked economic opportunity for more than 250 Michigan communities, from St. Ignace to Benton Harbor. Double Up has become a model for similar statewide programs, helping people across the country put nutritious food on the table.


Impact Investing

Fair Food Fund

Connecting Farmers And Local Food Entrepreneurs With Vital Resources

Fair Food Network fuels the success of food entrepreneurs through catalytic capital, wrap-around business services, and a commitment to place-based impact investing collectives. We focus our investments on people who are most often overlooked by traditional investors, particularly people who have been marginalized due to their race, ethnicity, and/or gender. Together, we’re building a more inclusive economy.


Nutrition Incentive Hub

Fair Food Michigan

Expanding Nationwide Access To Healthy, Affordable Food

Leveraging our experience and lessons learned from building and scaling programs like Double Up Food Bucks, Fair Food Network leads technical assistance and innovation for the Nutrition Incentive Hub, a USDA-supported center launched in partnership with Gretchen Swanson Center for Nutrition. The Hub strengthens nutrition incentive and produce prescription projects across the country.


It starts with food.

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