It Starts With People

Fair Food Network's staff has decades of experience in nonprofit leadership, workforce development, environmental advocacy, food and agriculture, evaluation, community engagement, policymaking, community-based impact investing, and entrepreneurship. Our team's diverse range of backgrounds and expertise sustain our collaborative approach to building community health and wealth through food.

Madeleine Bazinski

Senior Content Marketing Manager

Kellie Boyd

Senior Director of People & Culture

Alex Canepa

Associate Director for Policy

Emily Case

Incentive Technology Program Manager

Jean Chorazyczewski

Program Director

Neil Davey

Program Ambassador
Double Up Food Bucks

Cassandra Fletcher-Martin

Senior Director of Finance

Noah Fulmer

Senior Director of National Partnerships

Randy Gerber


Melanie Herron

Office Manager

Oran B. Hesterman, PhD

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Rachel Hoh

Program Manager

Katie Jones

Associate Director of Operations

Kyama Kitavi

Investment Manager

Alistair Kiyingi

Development Coordinator

Kate Krauss

Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer

Hien Lam


Jessica Lofton-Williams

Program Ambassador
Double Up Food Bucks

Nathan Medina

Senior Manager of State Policy

Joel Moyer

Acting Sr. Director of Impact Investing and Director of Investments

Andi Nank

Communications Director

Aaron Neeley

Program Ambassador
Double Up Food Bucks

Mark Nicholson

Senior Director of Policy

Ricardo Ortiz

Acting Manager of Farmers Markets and Direct Sites, Double Up Food Bucks Michigan

Erica Orton

Director of Evaluation

Holly A. Parker

Chief Strategy and Program Officer

Erica Christensen Raml

Director of Technical Assistance & Innovation at the Nutrition Incentive Hub

Adam Robson

Grants Manager

Alyssa Rogers

Program Ambassador
Double Up Food Bucks

Sam Samson-Miller

Program Ambassador
Double Up Food Bucks

Nicki Sandberg

Associate Director of Finance

Carlos Santacruz

Senior Manager of Community Engagement

Lisa Sebesta

Senior Investment Strategist

Stephanee Strasburg

Director of Institutional Development

Cassidy Strome

Acting Director, Double Up Food Bucks Michigan

Daniel Tellalian

Michigan Good Food Fund Consultant

Gail Turner

Information Manager

Kendra Valkema

Information Manager

Charles Walker

Retail Specialist
Double Up Food Bucks

Kelly Williamson

Administrative Assistant

Our Board

Gary Appel

Dr. Sandra P. Daley, MD

Voodo Fé

Kiff Hamp

Dr. Oran B. Hesterman, PhD

Benita Melton

Dr. Lessa Phillips, MD

Dan Warmels, CPA

W. DeWayne Wells

Our Advisors

Fair Food Fund Advisors

Aviv Aviad

Cornus Consulting
Managing Director

Chris Bentley

Serious Change Investments & Sustain VC
Impact Fund Manager

Michael Rozyne

Red Tomato
Founder & Evangelist

Lisa Sebesta

Sitari Capital

Daniel Tellalian

Angel City Advisors
Founder & CEO

Join Us

We're looking for Fair Food Champions. Pioneering changemakers who see opportunities where others may see problems. Those who are tireless in pursuing the vision of a fair and sustainable food system for all. Does this sound like you? Join us in our mission to advance community health and wealth through food.