Yogurt maker has new headquarters in Leominster

July 27, 2015

Source: Lowell Sun
Author: Dan O'Brien

LEOMINSTER — A Tewksbury man recently announced that he’s moving the headquarters of his yogurt-making startup from Vermont to Leominster.

Jaidesh “J.D.” Sethi said he moved the operations of DAHlicious, LLC, off a farm — where he had direct access to his core supplier, cows — in order to be closer to a larger and more skilled labor pool.

“Stuff breaks down and you need machine shops, you need mechanics,” he said. “These things are not available in Vermont.”

DAHlicious is leasing space from Fosta-Tek Optics, a manufacturer of optical components, on Hamilton Street. The company currently employs five people, but Sethi said four more would be added once the Leominster operations are under way.

In a press release, DAHlicious said it received a $500,000 loan from MassDevelopment, which it used to acquire new equipment needed for its Leominster facility, and secured a loan for up to $250,000 through the Fair Food Fund to assist with expanding its brand awareness.

The fund is property of Michigan-based Fair Food Network, a national nonprofit dedicated to building a sustainable food system.

Sethi said DAHlicious’ flagship product is a “lassi” — a traditional Indian beverage, a smoothie with 4,000 years of history. While the product is a simple blend of Indian-style liquid yogurt and pure fruit, it requires 12 hours to make each batch.

The company produces Lassi smoothies, which are made from Indian-style yogurt and real fruits that contains 15 billion probiotic cultures per bottle.

DAHlicious Lassi is sold nationally through various retailers, including Whole Foods stores.
The company was founded in 2007 as Sethi was pursuing an MBA at Babson College.

He later raised money through angel investors.

Sethi declined to reveal sales figures for the private company, although he did say they have spiked from “a very low level” in 2011.

Sethi also said he got help starting the company from his wife, a microbiologist.

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