Calling All Food Entrepreneurs

About the Fair Food Fund

Fair Food Network’s Fair Food Fund is a national fund that works locally to support food entrepreneurs in being the engine of a more equitable future. In Michigan, we administer the statewide Michigan Good Food Fund, a statewide food financing collaborative that invests in food entrepreneurs that are nourishing and creating a positive impact in their communities. We want to partner with you as you grow your business. Let’s get started!

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We provide patient, customized financing working with you to match your needs with the right product, including traditional loans and more. Other financing structures include: revenue-based financing, convertible debt, equity investments, or credit enhancement.

We offer stand-alone investments ranging from $10,000 to $250,000 or as part of a larger financing package.

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Business Assistance

We bolster financing with all-encompassing business assistance that meets you where you are. This includes targeted one-on-one support, immersive training, access to industry expertise, and advising and mentorship from Fair Food Network’s national network.

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As a mission-driven fund, we look for entrepreneurs making a difference in their communities. See below for specific criteria we use.

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We invest in companies incorporated in the U.S. that are working in Michigan and in the Northeast United States.

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We invest in all types of businesses working across the food system.

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We invest in early-stage businesses and support the continued growth of more mature companies.

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Financial Sustainability

We’re looking for businesses that are profitable or can demonstrate a path to profitability. We will review your current financial position and discuss your future plans.

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Social Impact

We invest in food organizations and businesses serving their communities. By moving money their way, we aim to redress racial and gender inequities and support local vision and resilience.

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“It’s been nothing but hands-on support. If I have a question pertaining to the business, I have someone to turn to for advice.”

— Jerome Brown, co-owner of Detroit Soul

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An illustration of seeds
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