Standing with the communities we serve

We are feeling tremendous upheaval, grief, and outrage as we witness the continued violence against Black America, still reeling from the disproportionate impact of the coronavirus.

Food and justice are inextricably linked. While we know that unjust practices in our country have never been far below the surface, the intensity of this moment is not lessened by that long history.

This moment does however affirm our continued responsibility to stand with our partners and the communities we serve, many of which have been hardest hit by racial injustices, food insecurity, health inequities, and now the COVID-19 pandemic.

While we see our work as driving toward greater equity, we’re reminded we need to do more. As events unfold, we want to use our energy to make the changes we know are necessary.

How can we hold anger and fear alongside optimism and hope? How can we harness the knowledge and voices of the communities we serve to help bring about equity and justice? And how can we care for one another along the journey?

While there’s no roadmap, this moment also calls on us to redouble our efforts to center our work in equity—both personally and organizationally. As one of our team members said, “There is plenty to do and while it’s important to grieve and rest, it’s not the time to freeze.”

We’re committed to questioning our own contributions, to learning intensely, and to not allowing turbulence to prevent progress. Today and every day we are committed to standing together to build a more equitable and just tomorrow.

Published June 8, 2020