SNAP Incentives Shine at Farm Bill Conversations

Members of Congress toured the country throughout 2017 in Farm Bill field hearings and listening sessions. The goal? To gather input from farmers, ranchers, and other stakeholders on what’s working and isn’t. One theme that cut across geographies was the power of SNAP incentives in supporting low-income shoppers, while benefiting local growers and retailers. Dig into highlights from two gatherings in Michigan and California.



Healthy Food Incentives Work.”


Fair Food Network’s Oran Hesterman was also invited to provide testimony at a May public hearing in Frankenmuth, Michigan.

Our message was clear: Healthy food incentives work and Congress should reauthorize the Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive program established in 2014 Farm Bill.

Read Fair Food Network’s full written testimony or watch the field hearing:


Let’s Expand the Program.”

In Modesto, California, grocery store owner Lupe Lopez shared why Double Up is good for her community and her bottom line as a business owner.

Lopez is the owner of Arteaga’s Food Center, which has seven locations across the San Francisco Bay Area. She talked of seeing the “the struggles of people without money” and how programs like Double Up helped shoppers buy more produce.

"You gain a customer that is putting food on the table...We gain not spending as much money on medical bills. More produce grown in California is being bought. It is a win-win situation. Let's expand the program.”

Lupe Lopez
Grocery Store Owner