Photo Tour: Growing Healthy Food Access in America’s Heartland

This summer we took a trip to Kansas and Missouri where diverse partners are working together to grow healthy food access. From growers to grocers and other community leaders, come on a photo tour with us to see how this work is taking root in rural and urban communities alike across America’s heartland.

Kansas City Farmer Markets

This Midwest city is known for its barbecue, jazz, and fountains. But it also boasts farmers markets and innovative urban and refugee farming initiatives. The Kansas City, Kansas Farmers Market brings these things together in one delicious spot.


Refugee Farmers

Many of the farmers selling at the Kansas City market got their start at Juniper Gardens Training Farm, the home of Cultivate Kansas City and Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas farmer incubator program. Whether they are resettled refugees or city residents, this program is helping aspiring farmers turn a green thumb into a small business.


Hometown Grocery Stores

Meanwhile, hometown grocery stores like Ball’s Food Price Choppers are working hard to get more healthy food to their shoppers at an affordable price, while supporting local growers. See how Double Up Food Bucks is coming to life in this Kansas store in partnership with Good Natured Family Farms.


Rural Kansas Grocers

We left Kansas City for a trip to rural Kansas. In many rural communities, farmers markets and smaller independent grocers are the sole outposts of healthy food access.

Moon’s Hometown Market in LaCygne, Kansas and Ron’s Supermarket in Pittsburg, Kansas are just some of the grocery partners we’re working with in the state. Partnering with local farmers, they’re bringing Double Up Food Bucks to their stores to better serve their customers and boost their bottom lines.


Partnerships like this are happening in communities across the country.

Learn More about Double Up and see how you can bring it to your community.