Hitting the road with delicious fun foods with Jetta’s Popcorn & Fun Foods

Magita participated in Fair Food Network’s Food Finance Essentials training as part of the Michigan Good Food Fund in 2022. The training is a multi-week intensive course designed to help food entrepreneurs tune up their business model, improve their financial know-how, and prepare for financing. In the months following the training, her business received its first loan from Fair Food Network’s Fair Food Fund to upgrade a food truck as well as provide additional technical assistance to boost marketing efforts. The working capital provided to Barbee by Fair Food Fund helped her mobile business take advantage of Michigan’s summer months and community events and festivals. 

“The biggest ah-ha I have had is realizing that I wanted to be able to go where the people are. I no longer desired to just be in one spot day after day, waiting for people to come to me. So being mobile, along with a central location, is my desire,” said Barbee. 

In 2023, Barbee received additional working capital from Fair Food Fund to hire additional staff and keep up with demand during peak summer months.  

Jetta’s Gourmet Popcorn and Fun Foods is now online, in four retail locations, at events held in Detroit’s Huntington Place, and across town in a revamped mobile food truck. 


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