Food, Feed, and Energy

A craft oil company’s work from field to fork.

Full Sun Company is working to transform the food system. Based in Middlebury, Vermont, it buys non-GMO seeds from farmers and produces craft canola and sunflower seed oils, which are distributed to grocers and institutional partners across the Northeast.

It then sells oilseed meal, the byproduct of its oil production, back to area farmers as a natural fertilizer and non-GMO animal feed. And it collects and sells its off-spec oils for biodiesel production.

What’s more, Full Sun is paying a premium above commodity prices to stimulate non-GMO seed production in the region. It aims to source 50 percent of its seeds from Northeast growers by 2021—a considerable increase considering it’s growing the field from the ground up.

This comprehensive approach caught the attention of Fair Food Fund.

“In addition to making an incredible product, Full Sun is a food systems innovator keeping food, feed, and energy dollars in the region,” said Fund Director Alex Linkow.

The 2016 investment is helping Full Sun double its production capacity, but the benefits run deeper.

“Fair Food Fund has provided so much more than funding,” said Netaka White, Full Sun co-founder and head of operations. “From bringing in top-shelf consultants to brokering connections with its network, this partnership is helping us take our business to the next level.”