A Grocery Store for Every American Gets a Boost

“America’s food system is a paradox: We have hunger alongside sky-high rates of obesity and diet-related illnesses, often in the same places. Healthy foods, especially fruits and vegetables, are economically out of reach for a lot of families. It’s not just a shortage of calories, it’s a shortage of affordable nutrients.”
– Michael Malmberg, Chief Operating Officer of Daily Table, a nonprofit grocery store chain in Massachusetts


Daily Table is on a mission to change that equation. It provides fresh produce, grocery staples, and made-from-scratch prepared foods at prices low enough to fit within every budget, including families who rely on SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as food stamps). But what makes Daily Table, the brainchild of former Trader Joe’s president Doug Rauch, stand out is its produce-first focus and methodical commitment to low prices. 

For families that rely on SNAP, their food dollars have gone even further at Daily Table since it launched our signature nutrition incentive program Double Up Food Bucks in 2018. And as Daily Table opens new locations, we were thrilled to expand our partnership to include flexible financing, allowing Daily Table to prioritize grant dollars to support Double Up redemptions. 

Learn more about Daily Table’s unique model and see what’s possible when impact investing & nutrition incentives come together.


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