5 tips to get the word out about SNAP incentives

In a distracted and noisy world, it’s hard to get anyone’s attention. That’s why we reimagined the Double Up Food Bucks marketing campaign with the goal to grab the attention of SNAP shoppers online and off. Take a trip with us!

1. Double down in the community.
Printed flyers and posters remain essential for reaching SNAP recipients in communities. Our materials do double duty: An infographic on the back walks you through how the program works while we point to our website for shoppers to find a site near them. Don’t have internet? We’re also standing by on a toll-free hotline.

2. Online and on the go.
Meet shoppers where they are through on-the-go email and text updates. Our digital marketing campaign also includes a Facebook page with paid online advertising to help us reach as many potential Double Up users as possible.


3. Bring shoppers in.
Bold banners are used outside of participating markets to spotlight which places accept Double Up.


4. It’s all about the fruits & veggies.
Shoppers won’t leave the produce department or market without a reminder to use Double Up! In-store advertising is even more crucial in grocery stores to help disrupt the shopper experience. From stanchion signs and price cards to sandwich boards and balloons, we’re going to grab your attention.


5. Before you go, Double UP!
The checkout is the last chance to remind people to Double Up on fresh fruits and veggies. Register signs at grocery stores and vendor signs at farmers markets help bring it home.


Want to see more of Double Up marketing in action? See photos from grocery programs across the nation.