Farmers Markets & Grocery Stores

In 2015, the non-profit, Utahns Against Hunger, received a $247,000  FINI grant to bring Double Up Food Bucks to 21 farmers markets across ten counties in Utah. By 2017, the program expanded to 25 farmers markets and farm stands in 11 of 13 counties which include about 90 percent of Utah’s SNAP households. In the first three seasons, SNAP shoppers spent over $290,000 in SNAP and Double Up combined. 80% of surveyed shoppers reported eating more fresh fruits and vegetables and eating a greater variety. The majority of participating farmers reported making more money (76%) and selling more fruits and vegetables (71%) because of Double Up. The program is now led by the Utah Department of Health (UDOH) with input from a network of stakeholders, the Utah Produce Incentive Collaborative (UPIC). Due to advocacy efforts led by UPIC, in March of 2019 the Utah state legislature approved an ongoing appropriation of $400,000 for produce incentives, the majority of which fund the Double Up program. This legislative win allowed UDOH to successfully apply for a GusNIP award in 2019. The Utah Double Up Food Bucks program started off the 2020 season with 24 farmers markets and farm stands, and increased incentive redemption despite challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

USDA FINI Award: $497,406 (2015); $1,999,942 (2019)
Lead Organization: Utah Department of Health

DoubleUpUtah.org health.utah.gov