Farmers Markets

In 2015, a coalition of more than 15 community and statewide partners led by the Farmers Market Fund joined forces to launch Double Up Food Bucks at 53 farmers markets in 16 counties across Oregons. Local partners received nearly $500,000 in a FINI award to support this expansion. With matching funds, the total project budget over three years was $1.6 million. After a successful implementation its initial FINI-funded expansion, in 2019 the Farmers Market Fund led a coalition who successfully secured a $1.5 million appropriation from the Oregon state legislature. These funds will support the expansion of DUFB to farmers markets and farm share sites across Oregon, as well as the state's first DUFB grocery pilot program from 2020-2021.

USDA FINI Award: $1,436,124 (2015)
Lead Organization: Farmers Market Fund

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