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Kansas and Missouri received a 2016 $2.9 million FINI award to expand Double Up Food Bucks in the first bi-state effort, uniting previous programs across both states. Matching funds from private and local public funders bring total support to $5.8 million. In 2019, Double Up is at 28 grocery stores and 61 farmers markets, attempting to reach more than 165,000 SNAP recipients across urban and rural communities. This bi-state program is made possible by more than 20 funding and program partners. In year three program evaluation, 61 percent of Double Up customers reported being able to afford more fruits and vegetables because of the program, addressing both food insecurity and improved nutrition. Area farmers are also benefiting, with 63 percent reporting they have new customers, 53 percent are making more money because of Double Up, and 60 percent reporting that the market is stronger because of the program. From shoppers to market managers and participating farmers, all reported they would recommend Double Up to others. Core project partners include Mid-America Regional Council, Cultivate KC, East West Gateway, University of Kansas Medical Center, and West Central Missouri Community Action Agency.

USDA FINI Award: $5,800,000 (2016)
Lead Organization: Mid-America Regional Council

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