Farmers Markets & Grocery Stores

Double Up began in five farmers markets in Detroit in 2009 and has since expanded to more than 250 sites across the state including farmers markets, mobile markets, food share programs, and 100 grocery stores in one of the first grocery pilots in the nation. Since 2009, Double Up has put nine million pounds of healthy food on the tables of Michigan families. It has also contributed more than $14.6 million in combined SNAP and Double Up sales—dollars directly benefiting Michigan farmers and area businesses. Fair Food Network's recent evaluation found that SNAP consumers shop more often and eat more fruits and vegetables because of Double Up. Today, 95 percent of Michigan residents live in a county with a participating Double Up site. It is also supporting local farmers: More than 1,000 farmers participate each year with the majority reporting that they make more money (75%) and sell more produce (76%) with Double Up. Double Up is also associated with increased sales at farmers markets – with beginning farmers reaping the greatest benefits. Since 2015, Fair Food Network has received three FINI awards totaling $10.1 million to expand Double Up in Michigan and support its replication in communities across the country. Matching funds bring the total amount to more than $20 million. Current areas of focus include grocery expansion, technology innovations including mobile processing and interoperability between sites, and building out farm-to-grocery supply chains to ensure strong local and regional produce sourcing, a hallmark of the Double Up model.

USDA FINI Award: $10,454,313 (2016); $8,740,000 (2017); $3,159,515 (2018); $12,500,000 (2019)
Lead Organization: Fair Food Network

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