Farmers Markets & Grocery Stores

According to a Vulnerable Populations Study conducted in 2017, Allen County, Indiana, had 37 census tracts that are both low-income and have at least 33% of the population (500 individuals) who live with limited access to nearby food retailers (i.e., food deserts). Since 2015, St. Joseph Community Health Foundation and Parkview Health have supported farmers markets in low-access, low-income neighborhoods and matched the value of WIC/Senior Produce Vouchers and SNAP purchases. In 2021, this will be expanded as the first Double Up Food Bucks in Indiana. With support from a USDA GusNIP grant and the United Way, it will be implemented in two retail stores (Save-A-Lot), additional farm markets, and a CSA location.

USDA FINI Award: $500,000 (2020)
Lead Organization: St. Joseph Community Health Foundation