Farmers Markets & Grocery Stores

In 2016, Arkansas received a $94,000 FINI award to launch a one-year Double Up pilot at 18 farmers markets across the state. Arkansas has the highest adult obesity rate in the nation and participating markets targeted places of greatest need in the state including StrikeForce counties, areas with lowest life expectancy, high poverty rates, and designated food deserts. In addition to work at farmers markets, partners led a one-month Double Up grocery pilot at Harp's, a regional Arkansas-based grocery chain. During the four-week pilot, the store's total Double Up-eligible produce sales were up 50 percent. In 2018, Arkansas received a $500,000 four-year FINI grant to expand Double Up Food Bucks through 2021, including to more locations in the Delta region. In 2018, Double Up was active at 29 locations across 21 counties including farmers and direct markets, seven Harp’s grocery locations, and a new mobile market in partnership with county health sites. Double up continued to expand in 2019, with 35 locations participating, across 31 counties. This season added a new grocery partner, with Hay’s Grocery, bringing Double up to 4 new communites. The project is made possible by a coalition of state partners including Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance, Arkansas Department of Human Services, Arkansas Department of Health, the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service, and the Arkansas Farmers Market Association.

USDA FINI Award: $260,000 (2016); $1,338,272 (2018)
Lead Organization: Arkansas Coalition for Obesity Prevention