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With three years as Executive Director and seven years in her role as Chief Operating Officer, Kate Krauss will lead Fair Food Network as its new Chief Executive Officer beginning in January 2023. In her new role, she will continue to guide the organization in its commitment to grow community health and wealth through food.



"Food can build a path toward better community health, economic opportunity, and environmental resilience. With many challenges facing our country, we know that food offers us unlimited potential for building community, creating common ground, and addressing long-standing inequities."

June 8, 2022

Dear Friends,

It's been my lifelong quest to advance solutions to our biggest challenges by focusing on what unites us. Food does precisely that: it brings us to the table to find common ground, build community, and take collective action.

For the last seven years as Fair Food Network's Chief Operating Officer, and, more recently, as Executive Director, I've had the joy of partnering with an extraordinary team of dedicated and enthusiastic believers in food-driven solutions. We've created a nationally recognized nutrition incentive model, which increases access to healthy food for people needing food-purchasing assistance and expands opportunities for local retailers and farmers. We've also helped strengthen local economies by providing small businesses with catalytic capital and tailored support. Together, we are transforming how resources flow through the food economy, and we are poised to accomplish much more.

With this bright future in mind, I am excited to share that beginning in January 2023, I will step into the position of Chief Executive Officer of Fair Food Network. Our founder, Oran Hesterman, will take on a new role as Fair Food Network's Founder & Resident Champion. We know that in this new capacity - as a steward, thought partner, and movement mentor - he will apply his almost 40 years of experience as a scientist, farmer, educator, passionate advocate, and so much more. I'm grateful to Oran for his mentorship and leadership thus far, and for his continued partnership as we move forward.

As hopeful as I am about what lies ahead, I also recognize that these are still very challenging times. We face long-standing inequities in our society and in our food system, as well as mounting pressure on our environment due to climate change. To meet the moment, we need to look inward, identify our strengths, and address our shortcomings. This means engaging our communities by listening first, developing systems for measuring our impact, and holding ourselves accountable for our commitments to equity and justice.

At Fair Food Network, we see food as a starting point for solutions. It unites us as we work together to build a fair future. I look forward to the partnerships, innovation, and progress that will light our way forward.

With appreciation,

Kate Krauss
Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer
Incoming Chief Executive Officer
Fair Food Network

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