Pemaquid Mussel Farms

Convertible Note
Since 2007, Pemaquid Mussel Farms has been growing high-quality, rope-grown mussels on floating rafts off the coast of Maine. Pemaquid uses sustainable and innovative aquaculture techniques to produce its mussels, which it distributes to Maine restaurants and regional wholesalers. Pemaquid is currently expanding its fleet with patent-pending submersible mussel rafts with the goal to produce a million pounds of mussels annually.
Financing Purpose & Date:
August 2017 financing is supporting Pemaquid's plans to grow its fleet up to nine submersible mussel rafts over the coming years.
In addition to growing production, jobs, and regional seafood sourcing, this investment is also providing Fair Food Fund the opportunity to be part of the world’s fastest growing part of the food system: aquaculture.