Crooked Face Creamery

Crooked Face Creamery is a woman-owned artisan cheese maker based in Skowhegan, Maine. Its handcrafted, artisan cheeses are made with limited ingredients and high-quality, preservative-free whole milk sourced from a local dairy farm.
Financing Purpose & Date:
April 2020 financing Crooked Face’s expansion to a new creamery as working capital to support the business during the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to financing, owner Amy Rowbottom also participated in our 2017 business bootcamp and received additional customized business assistance.
Crooked Face Creamery’s business experienced a 1,000 percent increase in cheese sales from 2019 to 2020 allowing Rowbottom to hire her first part-time employee so she can focus exclusively on cheesemaking. Crooked Face Creamery also rose to the top of more than 1,900 applicants to be a finalist in the 2021 11th annual national Good Food Awards.