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Double Up Food Bucks Impact Report

In 2021, more people used Double Up Food Bucks than ever before. See how Double Up programs in 30 states stepped up to bring affordable fruits and vegetables within reach of every family while generating $56+ million in SNAP and Double Up dollars supporting local farmers and grocers.


Growing better access
to better food.

Fair Food Network’s Double Up Food Bucks program matches SNAP, or food stamps, dollars spent on fruits and vegetables. It’s a win/win/win in communities from coast to coast: More healthy food for families, better business for farmers, and a boost for local economies.


Growing the
good food economy.

As a national fund that works locally, we partner with communities to build solutions that catalyze not just entrepreneur success, but broader systems change. This includes weaving together community voice, entrepreneur vision, local strengths, and national assets so that food entrepreneurs can be the engine of a more equitable future.


Great ideas,
put to the test.

Our home state is a proving ground for innovation, creating opportunities to knit together our work in healthy food incentives, fair food financing, and public policy for greater impact.


Who We Are

Where some see problems, we see opportunities
At Fair Food Network, we believe no system is as important to our future as our food system. We are committed to pushing boundaries and identifying catalytic opportunities that create on-the-ground impact and can serve as replicable models to move the field forward faster.