What We Do

We uphold the fundamental right to healthy, fresh, and sustainably grown food.

Fair Food Network plays an important leadership role in realizing the vision of a more sustainable and just food system. Our work focuses on these areas:

  • Improving Healthy Food Access
    Our projects range from offering incentives for purchasing healthier food with federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, (SNAP) benefits to connecting farmers with untapped markets. Public policy will be shaped by the results of our work in Michigan, and this work will serve as a model for communities nationwide.
  • Informing Public Policy
    We engage in public policy dialogue. From convening critical stakeholders to conducting analysis, we’re informing the debate on important policy initiatives, such as the Farm Bill and Child Nutrition Act. It is our belief that state and national policy should be informed by what works—we elevate models that successfully repair the food system by increasing access to healthy food.
  • Strengthening Funding Strategies
    We help funders make the best investments. Foundations may benefit from our expertise in both philanthropy and community organizing by engaging us in an advisory role and through workshops on topics such as food systems, public policy, and the role of philanthropy.
  • Expanding Networks & Sharing Knowledge
    We connect and convene organizations and practitioners in the food systems field by building capacity and providing opportunities to share experiences, expertise, and resources.

Our Recent Projects

Improving Healthy Food Access

Informing Public Policy

  • Healthy Food Systems Innovation Initiative

Strengthening Funding Strategies

Expanding Networks & Sharing Knowledge