Our team has deep experience working at the forefront of sustainable agriculture and food systems.

President & Chief Executive Officer

With more than 35 years of experience as a scientist, farmer, philanthropist, businessman, educator, and passionate advocate, Oran B. Hesterman is a national leader in sustainable agriculture and food systems and is a respected partner for policymakers, philanthropic leaders, and advocates nationwide.

He currently serves as president and CEO of Fair Food Network, a national nonprofit pioneering multi-win solutions that increase access to healthy food in our most underserved communities, support farmers, and stimulate economic activity. In just five years, Fair Food Network’s signature program, Double Up Food Bucks, has become a national model for healthy food incentives.

Chief Operating Officer
In her role as Fair Food Network’s Chief Operating Officer, Kate is responsible for the organization’s overall operations and financial management.
Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator
Erin forges and maintains relationships with partners across the state to ensure Fair Food Network’s Double Up Food Bucks program reaches people in their communities. She also launched and manages the Double Up Volunteer Network, which engages community members in spreading the word about the program. 
Grants Manager
Liza oversees grants from proposal development to final reporting. She brings experience from education, nutrition, culinary arts, and academic/nonprofit office management. 
Director of Program Enhancement | Manager of Special Projects
Carole identifies and builds strategic partnerships and spearheads special projects at Fair Food Network. She believes wholeheartedly in the power of vibrant local food systems and is a long-time advocate for a sustainable food system that delivers healthy food access for all. 
Senior Program Manager
Jean supports the Michigan Good Food Fund, a $30 million loan and grant fund created to finance healthy food enterprises that benefit underserved communities throughout Michigan. In this role, she works on business assistance and community outreach efforts with the ultimate goal of preparing enterprises for financing. 
Communications Director
Emilie is fueled by big ideas, good causes, and the power of storytelling. As Communications Director, Emilie is responsible for driving and overseeing Fair Food Network's brand strategy, storytelling, media engagement, and communications across all channels. Working in close collaboration with the program teams and the President, she develops strategic opportunities to increase awareness and deepen the impact of our work. 
Double Up Food Bucks
Noah works with groups across the country to plan and implement healthy food incentive programs based on Fair Food Network's Double Up Food Bucks model.
Program Director

Alex Linkow is responsible for raising grant and program-related investment capital for the Fair Food Fund, which provides financing and business assistance to good food enterprises that connect small and mid-size farms with consumers hungry for local, sustainably grown food. He also leads sourcing and pipeline development for investment opportunities and oversees the fund’s business assistance offerings including one-on-one support and an annual Business Boot Camp.

Double Up Food Bucks
Elissa Trumbull directs Double Up Food Bucks statewide program in Michigan. This innovative healthy food incentive program provides Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program beneficiaries with a one-to-one match to bring home more fruits and vegetables.
Elissa is responsible for overseeing the Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive grant from the USDA, which is allowing Fair Food Network to expand Double Up to more farmers markets, help markets adopt mobile technology systems and be open year-round, and increase program use in grocery and small food stores across Michigan.
Operations Manager
Madeline is responsible for day-to-day operations across Fair Food Network offices including facilities, human resources, finance, and information technology in support of an efficient workplace and strong workplace culture.
Director of Retail Grocery Initiatives

Charles manages the growing portfolio of grocery stores that participate in Michigan’s statewide healthy food incentive program, Double Up Food Bucks, which helps low-income consumers bring home more healthy food while supporting Michigan farmers. Participating stores range from small independents to national retail chains. He also provides business assistance to retail enterprises through the Michigan Good Food Fund.