Evaluation & Business Analytics Consultant [Contract Position]

Fair Food Network’s mission is to grow community health and wealth through food. A national nonprofit, we advance programs, partnerships, and policies that improve health, ignite local economies, and open opportunities for all – especially in the most underserved communities.

Our signature program, Double Up Food Bucks, serves as a national model for healthy food incentives by doubling the buying power of SNAP recipients, helping underserved families bring home more fruits and vegetables while boosting business for local farmers. Through Fair Food Fund, out impact investing arm, we invest in entrepreneurs who are strengthening communities and local economies through food.

Together, we are pioneering and proving innovations that can be owned locally and scaled nationally for lasting change in communities across the country.

While Fair Food Network has always been committed to program evaluation, we have reached a size at which we require more sophisticated evaluation and business analytics to improve program and operations efficiency and effectiveness. Through our signature program, Double Up Food Bucks, we have a vast amount of data from Michigan and across the country that we struggle to effectively collect, manage, and analyze. As our program grows, so does our potential to deliver meaningful analysis that could inform the national nutrition incentives field.

In addition, we seek to introduce impact metrics (i.e. specific economic or health outcomes) across our programs, to augment existing program metrics (such as nutrition incentives redeemed or farmers impacted). In the long term, we hope to introduce robust analytics and evaluation across all of our functional areas, ensuring that each area is operating as effectively and efficiently as possible.


Fair Food Network is seeking a consultant to help us grow our in-house evaluation and business analytics capacity, including a personnel/hiring plan and improved infrastructure to optimally manage, query, and analyze our data.

We understand we require both additional infrastructure and human resources to better collect, query, analyze, and act on our data. And yet we don’t have the requisite experience in-house to make decisions about the optimal systems in which to invest or how best to hire for a business analytics team. Therefore, we are seeking an evaluation & business analytics consultant who can help design and build new systems, including supporting our hiring of an in-house staffer to run the new program.

In addition, we will look to our consultant to assist us with 2-3 discreet evaluation projects using existing datasets from Double Up and partner organizations in collaboration with outside evaluators. These projects will ultimately fall under the purview of the new business analytics team.

We anticipate this specific engagement to be between 12-18 months. The consultant whom we engage for this short-term outcome may be considered for staffing the position that is eventually created. While Fair Food Network is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the consultant does not need to be based in Michigan.


  • Develop a needs assessment for new information systems infrastructure and manage a selection process, system launch, and migration of data to the new system.
  • Develop a personnel plan for a business analytics and evaluation team, including a job description for the team lead. Participate in hiring process.
  • Help manage Double Up Food Bucks evaluation project(s) using existing data, ensuring that outcomes are integrated into data management infrastructure for future use.


We’re looking for consultant(s) with direct experience helping a non-profit build its internal evaluation and business analytics capacity. We’re potentially open to candidates who have done this work personally/ directly, rather than as a consultant.

Food systems subject matter expertise helpful but not required.


Please submit an application of no more than 3 pages that allows us to evaluate your credentials, relevant experience and approach here. Evaluation and business analytics experience required; we are not seeking full proposals at this time.