Ecological Integrity

Ecological Integrity

Agriculture practiced in concert with nature more closely mimics our natural systems that regenerate and adapt to changing conditions, reducing pollution and environmental degradation and building healthier farms, orchards, and animal pastures.


Production and distribution systems rely much less on chemical inputs. Our soil is nurtured and protected from erosion. Livestock is raised on pastures rather than in Confined Animal Feeding Operations, and crop rotations are used to decrease fertilizer use, lowering the incidence of surface and groundwater pollution.


Fair Food

Oran Hesterman’s new book, Fair Food, will be available in spring 2011. This book introduces the reader to farmers who engage in ecologically sound practices, and some of the largest agri-food companies in the world that are focusing on environmental sustainability. It also provides a roadmap for readers who are ready to move from conscious consumers to engaged citizens who have an impact on the larger food system.